The Indo-Russian Rifles Pvt Ltd put the AK-203 on show at the DefExpo 2022 location, drawing a crowd when the expo in Gandhinagar opened to the public on Friday.

Even though the 12th edition of DefExpo 2022 was primarily intended for Indian exhibitors, certain foreign competitors from the US, UK, France, and Israel that operate through Indian joint-venture enterprises have also put up displays.

“We cannot communicate. One of the Russian executives stated as they rapidly packed everything in Hall number 11, “We have been advised not to. The counter belonged to the Indo-Russian joint company that makes AK-203 assault weapons, a member of the Kalashnikov family of guns, in Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi region. 

This company collaborates with Indian Defense Public Sector Undertakings to produce weapons under the Kalashnikov and Rosoboronexport brands (PSUs). Only Brahmos Aerospace had a significant presence at the DefExpo. A few meters away in Hall #9, French companies Dassault Aviation and Airbus shared space with British company Rolls-Royce. Displays representing Boeing and Lockheed Martin’s Indian joint ventures were set up in Halls 8 and 12.

A Rafale fighter aircraft model that was just delivered in India was on display by Dassault Aircraft Service India Pvt Ltd. The Rafale M, a single-seat naval variant that we intend to sell to the Indian Navy, is also on show, said a French official at the company’s booth who asked to remain anonymous since he was not the spokesperson for the business.

“In March 2022, we brought these displays. But once the DefExpo was canceled, we had to ship everything back. Regarding the DefExpo 2022, which was initially planned to take place from March 10–14 at the same location, the French CEO remarked, “Now we have brought everything back.

Just four days before it was supposed to start, the Government of India postponed the exhibition. The start of the Russia-Ukraine war was given as the reason for the event’s postponement, which featured international exhibitors from Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Many people still find it difficult to bring up the Russia-Ukraine war in conversation. When questioned about the difficulties RollsRoyce had when showcasing Diesel engines for Naval and Coast Guard ships at DefExpo 2022, an Indian official for the firm responded, “I cannot discuss. I’m not sure whether I can remark on the matter, particularly without our HR and Brands authorities present.

Only Defence Minister Rajnath Singh brought up the conflict between Ukraine and Russia at the activities organized in conjunction with the DefExpo to emphasize to the visiting African defense ministers the stability and peace in the Indian Ocean region.

Israel was represented by many companies, including Israel Aerospace India and Astra Rafael Comsys Pvt Ltd.