Automated Test Equipment Companies

Automated Test Equipment

Automated Test Equipment Companies


MQS Technologies offers high quality testing equipment manufactured according to your specification, to reduce your development time. Our engineering team is well-versed in all the microprocessor and system-on-chip platforms which offer the flexibility to build your custom testing solution. All the components are rated to meet or exceed the required standards and regulations for Aerospace and Defence products. Even when used in intricate technologies like missile and ammunition, our products pass all stages and deliver dependable performance owing to their high-quality manufacturing and part-sourcing process. 

By allowing us to be your Automated Test Equipment manufacturer you will experience a host of benefits as detailed below.


  • Reduced testing and fault-finding times by upto 75%
  • Easy operation allowing your personnel to focus on the test details and not the intricacies of the equipment
  • Decreased cost of operation in the long term
  • Easier management of testing data and results