Cabinet based X-Ray Systems

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MQS Technologies offers industrial X-ray cabinet MQXC for various industrial X-ray inspections. All the cabinets are manufactured to meet or exceed the required standards and regulations for radiation safety, including all the supporting devices. MQXC X-Ray cabinets deliver world class performance without compromising the safety of the user.

MQXC - Cabinets For The Future

MQXC cabinet based industrial X-ray inspection system can suit factories, R&D laboratories, research and educational institutes, etc. The solution delivers exceptional image quality and high speed scanning of objects for any purpose be it monitoring or research.


  • Brilliant image quality with high contrast for spot-check samples and series inspection
  • Smart ergonomics for easy operation
  • Compliance with ASTM standards
  • Suited for inspection requirements of specific manufacturers
MQXC addresses casting inspection of R&D as well as high quantity parts inline production. It is trusted by companies of various size and for different applications. This product is suitable for multi-national companies as well as small-sized foundries for X-ray inspections. MQXC is highly popular among various casting manufacturers, enabling them to ensure the quality of the components. MQXC excels in detecting casting flaws in Aluminium castings such as engine blocks, cylinders, cylinder heads, pistons, knuckles etc. It is also suitable to inspect turbine blades, wheels and tires, fibre-reinforced materials, ceramics and 3D printed materials. The intuitive user interface of MQXC is easy to operate, without any specialised knowledge or training.