Mechanical Manipulators

X-Ray Manipulators For Every Market

MQS Technologies leverages its decades of multi-disciplinary engineering expertise to design & build customized manipulators for a multitude of applications. Each manipulator is designed to suit a customer’s unique imaging requirement and is built to provide accurate imaging with precise positioning, ease of alignment and ease of usage.

Our product ranges include multi-axis linear manipulators and rotary manipulators for standard and CT applications. The manipulators can also be customised to accommodate X-ray tubes and Flat Panel Detectors.

Special applications include manipulators with flameproof motors for critical military-related inspections -ammunitions & propellants, heavy-duty ones for accommodating objects above 2-3 tons of weight and more than 10 meters in length and wall-mounted systems for high energy X-ray head – for applications where space is limited.

Key Features

  • High-precision for diverse CT applications in multiple energy ranges (160 kV – 15 MeV) and a wide range of objects (10 mm to 3000 mm diameter)
  • Available in multiple operation modes – automatic, semi-automatic and manual
  • Synchronization in-built to guarantee precision, a minimum number of exposures and quicker inspection time
  • Customised to cater to requisite accuracy levels – plays a key role in real-time radiography
  • User-friendly and minimal training required