CT X-Ray Systems

High Precision CT Systems From MQS


Our industrial X-ray and CT cabinets with bundled software can facilitate industrial X-ray inspections at a rapid turn-around time. We manufacture every part of our CT system to comply with the required standards and regulations for radiation safety. By choosing MQS, you ensure world class performance and safety of your personnel.

World-class CT X-Ray Systems For Industrial Inspection

We offer reliable industrial inspection systems for various applications in foundries, research and development, laboratories, research and educational institutes. The CT system offered by MQS delivers exceptional image quality with digital flat-panel detector and Real-time Radiography.


  • High quality imaging with contrast adjustment
  • Fully featured software suite
  • Full customizations for specialized industries.
  • ASTM-compliant and safety certified.

Our MIS software is trusted by companies of various size and for different applications. This product is suitable for multi-national companies as well as small-sized foundries for hassle-free inspections. Our CT excels in 3D Analysis effortlessly with our range of single- and dual-energy systems and software. We make it easy to run structural and Porosity analyses on your prototypes and production parts. Our software assists you further in decoding every defect and ensuring quality. In conjunction with our

cabinet-based CT systems, you can conduct in-house inspections as per your industry’s demands for precision.. The intuitive user interface of the software and machinery is easy to operate, without any specialised knowledge or training.