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MQS Technologies offers bundled software along with our industrial X-ray cabinet or other systems for various industrial X-ray inspections. We have a partnership with Volume Graphics and ship you the world’s most advanced imaging software built for the purpose of X-Ray and CT scanning.

MIS - Software For The Future

MIS image processing software is fully customized and it is having high end options which are mostly useful in automotive, defense, aerospace and many more areas for Real time radiography inspection. Our Innovations Team is dedicated to listening to our customers and developing new technologies to best serve their wants and needs. Each new innovation is designed to improve capabilities, increase speed, or downright create a solution the industry has never seen before. MIS is a simple GUI design for making the operator user friendly, It contains work list, measurements for analysis, tools, filters, ROI’S, functions and macros which are useful for enhancing the image quality


  • Brilliant image quality with high contrast for spot-check samples and series inspection
  • Smart ergonomics for easy operation
  • Compliance with ASTM standards
  • Suited for inspection requirements of specific manufacturers