MQXR Series PCB Inspection Systems

MQXR Series PCB Inspection Systems

MQXR Series X-ray PCB Inspection systems are designed for Standalone 2D / 3D inspection of multi-layer PCB samples / Electronic components for purposes of defect analysis. The X-ray system along with MQS Proprietary customized software allows users to perform various test and analysis with higher accuracy at par with the industry standards.

MQXR Series PCB Inspection System at a glance

  • Standard Energy: Upto 300kV  
  • Maximum Power: Up to 300W

Key Features

  • Offline System for 2D / CT 
  • Nano / Micro focus X-Ray Tube head with   variable field of view 
  • Digital Flat Panel Detector with upto 75μ Pixel Pitch 
  • PLC based manipulator control system 
  • Upto 8μ resolution 
  • Customized MQS Imaging Software 

Built for safety & speed

    • Designed as per AERB safety guidelines (AERB / RF-IR / SC-1) with certified low leakage (≤ 0.1  mR/hr) levels Steel / Lead / Steel sandwich construction