Automated Test Equipment

Automated test equipment (ATE), also known as automated testing equipment, is computerized machinery that performs and evaluates the results of functionality, performance, quality, and stress tests on electronic devices and systems. ATE, as the name suggests, automates traditionally manual electronic test equipment and processes with minimal human interaction.

Another name for automated test equipment is automatic test equipment or automated testing equipment. They both use the same acronym, ATE. They are simply alternative names for the same piece of equipment. The device whose properties are being evaluated by the ATE is referred to as the device under test (DUT), unit under test (UUT), or equipment under test (EUT) (EUT).

What is automated testing equipment used for?

Automated testing equipment, Many electronic devices in use today are subjected to ATE testing to ensure their safety. Depending on the equipment tested, ATE tests can be simple or complex. Wireless communication, radar, and electronic component manufacturing all use ATE testing. For testing semiconductor devices, there is also specialized semiconductor ATE.

The goal of ATE is to quickly confirm whether or not a DUT works and to identify defects. This testing method reduces manufacturing costs and helps to keep faulty devices off the market. Because ATE is used in a wide range of DUTs, each testing procedure is unique. When the first out-of-tolerance value is detected in any testing, the testing stops and the DUT fails the evaluation.

MQS Technologies a trusted Automated Testing Equipment Company:

MQS Technologies provides Automated Testing Equipment (ATE) for testing electronic modules, subsystems, and systems where standard off-the-shelf test and measuring equipment is insufficient. MQS Technologies has expertise in developing embedded system-specific ATE and integration rigs for testing a small number of similar embedded systems. MQS Technologies has extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of rugged ATE for testing aerospace and defense systems in harsh environments. MQS Technologies can design ATE to comprehensively test the embedded system’s i/o interfaces and provide detailed analysis reports for each interface.

MQS Technologies also has experience designing and building graphical user interfaces to provide end-users with Go-No Go ATE. MQS Technologies specializes in the design and development of ATE. MQS Technologies is a value-added reseller that has provided ATE for critical avionics applications. MQS Technologies has experts on staff. MQS Technologies also has experience developing ATE for other open bus architectures such as cPCI, PCI, VME, and VPX.

Whatever your automated test system requirements are, we will collaborate with you to design, validate, and build the solution.